2020 Studying anatomy and physiology online at Centre for Alternative Practioners, Roskilde

2020 Up coming Sort Høst- ritual by Agermåne, at Stengade Venue 14-16 Aug

2020 Black work convention – ritual by Agermåne at High Voltage 1-3 Oct


2020 Echoes of Cyan – performance collaboration with Last Oblivion visual arts (DK), dark ambient band Kulma (DK/SE) and Para (DK) at Huset i Magstræde Xenon Stage.

2019 Thunder Pussy, Rød salon, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2017 Fake Crystal in collaboration with visual artist Tina Damgaard and musician Hari Shankar Kishore/DJ HVAD, Moks Arts Centre, Moks, Estonia.

2016 Thunder Pussy, Burlesque Hypnotique, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2015 VIRAL – a solo on Internet culture, Haut, Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2015 Nordur, in collaboration with Karolin Kent, Gothenburg Art Biennale, Vitlycke, Sweden.

2015 Up Yours in collarboration with  Xiri Noir, Frie Felts Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014 Up Yours, Over Gaden Galleri, NOT Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014 Thunder Pussy, Burlesque Hypnotique, Husets Teater, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014 Life is in need of an exorcism, Nordlys Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014 Life is need of an exorcism, Berlin Soup Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014 EMBODYING SCIENCE in THE SILVER FRAME (performance-installation), ESOF 2014, Dansehallerne. Copenhagen, Denmark.

2013 Thunder Pussy, Burlesque Hypnotique, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2013 What weigh us down, in collaboration with Karolin Kent, Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Dimanche Rouge Experimental. Espoo Performance Festival. Helsinki, Finland.

2013 Dark Matters, Club De La Faye, Explosive Festival, Bremen, Germany.

2013 Wheel of perpetual motion, Warehouse9, Copenhagen Stage Theatre Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2012 Thunder Pussy, Burlesque Hypnotique, Warehouse9, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2011 Integrated, Neu/Now Festival, Elia Arts, Tallinn, Estonia.

2011 Integrated, Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, United Kingdom.


2019 Pipilotti Rist , Åbn min lysning, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark.

2019 Film Production, Pablo Bronstein, London, United Kingdom.

2019 The WOMANhouse, Bora Bora Theatre, Denmark.

2018 The WOMANhouse, CHAILLOT-Theatre National De La Danse, Paris, France by Andreas Constantinou, HIMHER&IT Productions.

2018 Rebecca Lou, Skeletons, music video af Cille Hannibal, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2018 The WOMANhouse, Bora Bora – dans og visuelt teater, Århus, Denmark.

2017 The WOMANhouse, Le Bouscat, Bordeaux, France.

2017 The WOMANhouse, KLAMP, Marseille, France.

2017 The WOMANhouse, Mercat Flors, Barcelona, Spain.

2017 The WOMANhouse, Neimenster, Luxembourg.

2017 Rebook and Adidas Europe Fashion show, Den Hauge, Netherlands, choreography by Tine Salling.

2016 Rebook and Adidas Europe Fashion show, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2016 The WOMANhouse, Gender Bender Festival, Bologne, Italy.

2016 The WOMANhouse, Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, United Kingdom.

2016 The WOMANhouse, Le Fete Du Slip, Lausanne, Switzerland.

2016 The WOMANhouse, Spring Forward Festival, Aerowaves ’16, Pilzen, Czech Republic.

2016 The WOMANhouse, Le Manifeste, Grande Synth, France.

2016 The WOMANhouse, Dance Festival SanVincenti, Svetvincenat, Croatia.

2016 The WOMANhouse, Centro per la Scena Contemporanea, Bassano del Grappa, Italy.

2016 The WOMANhouse,Yeah Yeah Yeah, Fabriktheater, Zurich, Switzerland.

2015 The WOMANhouse, Theatri di Vita, Bologna, Italy.

2015 Ufornia, Boredom’s The Dynamite, music video af Søren P. Langkjær, Denmark.

2015 The WOMANhouse, Bora Bora – dans og visuelt teater, Århus, Denmark.

2015 The WOMANhouse, Kettlehuset, Silkeborg, Denmark.

2015 The WOMANhouse, Warehouse9, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2013 TedX Talks, on The Sensuous Society, Sisters Academy, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2013 Spot On Festival, by My Grönholdt, Dansehallerne, Denmark. Mentoring by Rosemary Butcher.

2012 Shiny Darkly, Diana, musicvideo by Madeleine Kate McGowan, DK

2012 The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black at Antony Hagarty’s Meltdown Festival, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, United Kingdom.

2012 Music video, A key is a key, by Michael Rexen, New York, U.S.A.

2012 STAND BY YOU  by Antonio Onio, Copenhagen Queer Festival, Denmark.

2012 Dome of Visions, promo video of Madeleine Kate McGowan, NEXT, Denmark.

2012 100years –Seminar2-3-&4 by Fiction Pimps, House of Futures, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2011 Dualistic Echoes by Karolin Kent. Neu/Now Arts Festival, Tallinn, Estonia.

2011 Dualistic Echoes by Karolin Kent. Laban, London, United Kingdom.

2011 Traces, by Christina B. Andersen, Resolution Dance Festival, London, United Kingdom.

2011 December 1952 by Lizzie Kew Ross South Bank Centre, The Royal Festival Hall. London, United Kingdom.

2010 What goes on in the neighborhood by Frauke Requardt, Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, United Kingdom.           

2010 Gifts of the spirits: Automatical Writing by Ron Athey. London, United Kingdom.

2010 I’m thinking of you by Franko B, Bow Church Gallery, London, United Kingdom.

2010 Dido and Aeneas by Reinhild Hoffmann, Bonnie Bird Theatre, London, United Kingdom.

2008 Traume by Barbara Breitenfellner. AutoCenter, Berlin, Germany.

2007 Dance Poems by Cirk Dance Theatre, National Gallery of Denmark. Copenhagen, Denmark.

2006 Dance Poems by Cirk Dance Theatre, Busan Festival, Busan, South Korea.


2020 Karantænefilmene #16 Heartbreak Hands sci-fi film on the Coronavirus by Madeleine Kate McGowan, choreographic exploration and propositions.

2020 In house choreographer and performer at Alchemist, 2- star Michelin restaurant, Copenhagen.

2017 Kønnet – en rejsehåndbog/ Gender-a guide, Godsbanen, in collaboration with Beck Heiberg, Joanna Jensen and Clap Clap Production, Århus, Denmark.

2017 Kønnet- en rejsehåndbog/ Gender a guide, Warehouse9, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2015 MUSIC 4 GIANTS, v. Heaven, Psi Fluid States, CPH stage, Teaterøen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014 Søndag- en symfonisk fortælling, theatre at Basement,by Emilie Kilkowski,Copenhagen, Denmark.

2013 Head of Dance and choreography at HENRYSs DREAM Festival, Music and Art festival. Denmark.

2013 Musical Erasmus at Maribo Ungdomsskole, Lolland, Denmark.


2020 Mindfullness workshop, Flinten, Fredriksberg

2019 Teaching kids 7-12 years dance and movement at Bordings Elementary School

2019 Body and anatomy, movement workshop, TRIO Kursus, Akademiet, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2017 Art and activism workshop, TRIO kursus, Akademiet, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2016 Artistic development workshop, TRIO kursus, Akademiet, Denmark.

2016 Workshops for teenagers on the subject gender, body, culture and dance, in collaboration Danish Integration and Culture Ministry, Denmark.

2015  Contemporary dance, choreography and improvisation at Fysisk Linje, Produktionsskolen K.U.B.A. Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014 Lecturer at shared RISK –Reclaim Entertain at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014 Contemporary dance and showdance, maribo ungdomskole, Lolland, Denmark.


2020 Terra Incognita (you move, I move), Metanoia Exhibition space, Copenhagen

2016 Lachrymation, performance film, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2016 Dash TV, videoinstallation in collaboration with Tina Damgaard, Elena Biner and Emilie Kilkowska, Nordvest Københavns Bibliotek, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2016 Norður Screened in Stockholm Screendancefestival, Zita folkets bio, Sweden.

2016 Norður Screen project – Fiver International Screendance Movement, Spain.

2016 Norður Film release at Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2016 Norður Screened in Swedish Screendancefestival dansmuseeet, Sweden.

2016 Messy Massage Class, art film and fashion for Henrik Vibskov, by Darko.

2015 Norður screen project at Vitlycke centre for performing art, Sweden.

2013 Hardcore Art, Triangle project, Dome of Visions, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2012 SLUT-BIKE LOVE,  screen project Touring Bike Smut Festival, Europe Tour.

2010 When my thoughts take form , screen project in collaboration with Karolin Kent.


2019 Producing freelance as an independent artist.

2015 Writer for Teater1 Magazine on, Dance in Latvia.

2014 Writer for Teater1 Magazine on, Queer performance and body modification art. An interview with Dominic Johnson.

2013 Co / Curator, Velvet State, ART Zone, Roskilde Festival. Denmark.

2012 Curator for Dance Program at the IPA- International Performing Arts Festival for Warehouse9. Copenhagen, Denmark.


2016 EUD Business (event and project management). Niels Brock Business College, Copenhagen.

2008 – 2011 LABAN, Dance Theatre, First Class – BA (Honors) in the Arts. London, United Kingdom.

2010 Foundation course of film–making and editing of digital film related to choreography and movement. London, United Kingdom.

2007 – 2008 Balance1 – contemporary dance training. Berlin, Germany.

2006 – 2007 Sceneindgangen, vocational dance training. Copenhagen, Denmark.

2005 – 2006 AFUK – Circus, theatre and dance course. Copenhagen, Denmark.


2017 Research residency, Mooks Art Centre, Mooks, Estonia.

2015 Production residency at Slaturhúsið, Iceland.

2015 Research residency at Vitlycke center of performing arts, Sweden.

2015 Research residency at Lab-scenen, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2014 Production residency at ToTalDobze Art Collective, Riga, Latvia.

2013 Research residency at Lab-scenen, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2012 Workshop residency, Troubelyn// Jan Fabre, Paris, France.