Falling Upright

by Sound Sacrament

Falling upright is an audiovisual work by Sound Sacrament. Working with sound, video and text we envistigate the movement, disance, the inbetween and longing. Working with the repetion as a tool we investigage the physical shift of the body and time. The monotone movements of a loop transends and becomes both a beginning and an end. The projection
touches upon multiple surfaces and makes the past indistinguishable from the present. A temporary catheral emodies the sounds and words of these attemts.

Falling Upright, 2018

Video documentation by Tina Damgaard

Music and installation by Billie Lindahl, Tina Damgaard and Elizabeth Kettley Cronfalk
Video by Tina Damgaard
Spinning by Sarah Lee Armstrong

Sound Sacrament is a sound and art collective based in Copenhagen, Småland and Stockholm started by Billie Lindahl (musician), Tina Damgaard (mixed media artist and designer) and Elizabeth Kettley Cronfalk (Artist and musician).