Jordens Åbne Sår

Close your eyes and surrender to the spell that weaves the world around you. Lay down on the misty waters and watch the starless sky above. Like skin stretched taut over the dome of an empty skull. Soon you shall feel yourself sinking towards the bottomless deep. Through the portal of the mind and into the realm of the soul. Trapped inside the shell of an ancient body. Never ending, ever changing. Echoing the secrets of those who went before. Like the sudden flare of dying embers in a cosmic night.

The ritual was performed and filmed Beta, Copenhagen
March 2021 for ROADBURNFEST

Video by Offermose and Last Oblivion
Performance: Victor Nuno & Sarah Lee Armstrong
Prophecy: Jacob Schmidt-Madsen
Mystic spells: Angst
The oracle: Kim Larsen