Up Yours

Up yours is a performative meeting between two body-openings and a comment on sexual and bodily taboos. With a playful attitude towards one idea, the work deals with subjects like vulnerability and emancipation. Up yours elaborates on the cultural norms and expectations embedded in the way we treat and view our body as a society. With slogans like “your body is a battleground” (Barbara Kruger) and “Liberate your
asshole – give it a voice” coined by the performers themselves – Up yours explores the
asshole as an androgynous organ and seeks to define beauty from beneath.

Up Yours, 2014
photo credit Virgil Heiberg
Up Yours, 2014
Photo credit Virgil Heiberg

Up yours is a collaboration between artists Xiri Tara Noir and Sarah Armstrong
which both work professionally within the context of the political body. The performance is based on the artistic exchange and the minimalistic and intimate meeting of two assholes. A monotonous conversation between the unspoken and the emancipatory.

Up Yours was shown as a work in progress at Copenhagen Queer Festival Performance Night at Warehouse9 and had its premiere on Not Festival- The Pop Up Queer’s Shelter at Overgaden -Department of Contemporary Art in connection with a performance lecture by Annie Sprinkle in 2014. In 2015 it was shown in Copenhagen at the Frie Felts Festival on Teaterøen sponsored by the Art Fund Project Funding Committee, and at Gallery Espacio B in Madrid.

Link to article at Friktion – Magasin for Køn, Krop og Kultur.